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Picture Clicker Tutorial

  • Search picture on the screen and click it :

  • Search picture and click    Auto clicker can automate find out the BMP picture and click it.When you load the picture, it would be showed on the box.
         Define Picture: You can click the button 'Load BMP' to load the picture you want to click at. And it must be 24 bit format.

         Define Similar: You can difine the BMP picture similar from 60% ~ 100%. If 100%, the picture you pre-defined and the picture find on the screen must be matched exactly; if 60%,the two pictures can be similar.

    Define Screen Scope     Define Scope: Also you can define the screen scope to search the picture.You can set full screen to search the picture. Or you can define a scope with ' L : Left, T : Top, R : Right, B : Bottom ', and search the picture on the screen scope you defined.

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