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Auto Clicker get 5 star.Random Auto Clicker is a solution for automatizing mouse clicks.

Let's suppose you are working in an application that requires making a lot of mouse clicks. Maybe because there are a lot of buttons and options in the interface or maybe because you have to repeat the same action over and over again. No matter what the reasons are, a software like Random Auto Clicker can help you in this case. That's because it's a software that can automate mouse clicks using various options and settings. This will allow you to work faster and more efficient than ever.

It's a Windows application with a familiar point and click installation wizard and interface. The program can be configured in two ways, either by clicking in a certain position on the screen or by clicking randomly anywhere on the desktop. Both options allow configuring the interval between clicks and also the number of repetitions.

The automatic clicking can be initiated either by accessing the START button from the program's interface or by using the configurable hot keys. These keys can be used for initiating and also for stopping mouse clicks. Besides that, Random Auto Clicker can be configured to allow clicking anywhere on the desktop or only in a certain part of it. Thus, your applications won't be affected by automated mouse clicks and these will be performed only in the area that interests you.

It can automate mouse clicks by allowing the mouse to automatically click in a certain position or randomly on the screen. Besides that, the interval between clicks can be customized, together with the maximum number of clicks. Furthermore, it allows clicking anywhere on the desktop or just in a certain area of it. What's more, the process can be initiated and stopped by using configurable hot keys.

The interface seems too simple at first glance.

Random Auto Clicker is a solution for automatizing mouse clicks.

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