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Auto Clicker get 5 star.Free Mouse Auto Clicker is an easy-to-use tool that helps you free your fingers while clicking. It was developed in order to help you click without pressing the mouse buttons.

The program enables you to preset your mouse for right-clicking, left-clicking, or double-clicking on any icon, file image, or button on your screen. First, you may use the the program interface in order to select what kind of click you want to perform (right, left or double). Afterward, when you direct the mouse cursor toward the item you want to click, the program will automatically perform the action that you had requested it to do.

By using this tool, you are also able to schedule auto-clicking. Thus, you may choose when the next click will be performed. For example, if you are reading an e-book, you can schedule your auto clicks every 2 minutes, so that the program will automatically flip over to the next page. This piece of software also offers you the possibility to predefine a specific key for starting and stopping auto-clicking.

To conclude, Free Mouse Auto Clicker proves to be a simple, straightforward program for its limited designated purpose, namely to click without directly using your mouse buttons.

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